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Ghast Sunset Wallpaper

Come chat me sometime, not now tho.


Minecraft MLP Rainbowdash Desktop Raw

I'll throw this in photoshop and play around...
Come chat me sometime, not now tho.

Minecraft Usurpers Hidden Garden HD Wallpaper

Minecraft Twilight Wizards Spiral HD Wallpaper

Minecraft ACiD Night 1080p HD Wallpaper

Night Shaders Wallpaper 1080p

Minecraft Trippy Sunset HD Wallpaper

Just playin around, maybe someone will like these ~ d74g0n
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Minecraft ACiD Skyway HD Wallpaper

Acid Skyway - 1920x1080p HD Desktop Wallpaper

Minecraft Acid Shader Lawn Wallpaper

Acid Shader Minecraft Wallpaper - 1080p - By d74g0n 4 U XD

The End Herobrine Blazin Wallpaper

The End - Herobrine Blazin

You should be able to download these photo's in 1080p with some brains.

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Dubstep Farlands Wallpaper 1080p

1080p Farlands By d74g0n
1080p Wallpaper - Minecraft Dubstep Farlands Finale

            This screenshot was actually taken while filming a video in The Farlands.  We were trying to make a portal using bukkit wormhole xtreme mod and failing when I TNT'd 42Vincent to find the world below us.  We had been to the farlands a few times, as I have documented but this time was 'The least laggiest' time I ever went to The Farlands, and everyone on the server ended up moving out here.

           Check the vid, Or4nge, the guy who made the song is a cool guy.  Check in description in the video for his music - good stuff not just saying that.


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